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Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite Orient of California, Southern Jurisdiction, USA








The mission of the Knights of Double Eagle Award (KDEA) program is to reward Brethren who render service and support to their Valleys and to encourage and engage all Masters of the Royal Secret in participation of all activities.


The Knight of the Double Eagle Award Program has been successfully used in the Southern and Northern Jurisdictions to encourage and reward brethren who render service and support to their Valleys. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Palm Springs is proud to offer this worthy program as well. Our version is designed to specifically encourage our Masters of the Royal Secret, 32º Scottish Rite Masons, to actively engage in the operation and support of this Valley, as well as to become examples that inspire their own progress, as well as encourage new members to join us. Being knighted in a formal annual ceremony, wearing the Knight of the Double Eagle Award (KDEA), and earning its additional decorations are all intended to mark a Master of the Royal Secret with distinction and signal his potential for leadership.

We strongly encourage ALL Masters of the Royal Secret to enroll in the program.

Your active involvement and participation will enable you to earn a KDEA medallion.


Points System 

Participants accumulate points through service over a variety of activities to earn their KDEA. A moderate level of participation (500 points) earns the basic award, which consists of the KDEA medallion suspended on a black ribbon. Additional points, up to a maximum of 20,000, earn various colored hanging bars and neck ribbons that are attached to the medallion indicating levels of award, as illustrated below. However, if and when the maximum points have been achieved, the participant may still, at his own discretion continue to gain additional points. An additional gold double-headed eagle pin will be awarded for each additional 15,000 points earned after the initial 20,000 points have been earned.

Basic medallion with Black Ribbon 500
Red hanging bar 1,000
White hanging bar 1,500
Blue hanging bar 2,000
Gold hanging bar 2,500
Medallion ribbon changed to red 5,000
Medallion ribbon changed to white 7,500
Medallion ribbon changed to blue 10,000
Gold double-headed eagle pin above the medallion 15,000
Medallion ribbon changed to red, white, & blue - final 20,000


How long does it take?

How long will it take to earn the awards? That is up to you. The medallion can be earned fairly quickly and additional points may continue to be accumulated until the maximum is reached. Points earned are verified and approved by the responsible Body Head, Director, or Committee Chair, where each participant records his activities on his respective individual activity record. A formal knighting ceremony is held every February following our Scottish Rite stated meeting dinner. At which time new Knights are awarded their initial ribbon, medallion and hanging bar(s), as appropriate. Members who have been knighted previously are awarded their upgraded regalia the same evening. KDEA regalia shall be worn at ALL times whenever the Scottish Rite Cap is required attire at Scottish Rite functions. These include, but are not limited to Reunions, Masonic Information Night, Valley Stated Meetings, and other official meetings of the Palm Springs Scottish Rite. The regalia can be worn when visiting other Scottish Rite Valleys.



The KDEA Chairman and his respective committee of officers are appointed annually, in February of each year, by the Palm Springs Scottish Rite Valley Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General (SGIG) in California. The KDEA program is overseen by the Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection, with day-to-day program execution performed by the KDEA committee.