• March is the month to join the Scottish Rite

    March 12th, 2018

    Master Masons in search of further light are invited to petition the Valley of Palm Springs and become Scottish Rite Masons. You will receive Degrees 4 thru 32 at our Spring Reunion April 7th and April 21st. There's much Masonic learning to be had beyond the 3rd Degree. Interested? You must submit your petition to the Valley of Palm Springs before our next Stated Meeting on March 28th. For more information, e-mail Nick Seneca 32nd, KCCH at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The 2016 valley of Palm Springs Installa-tion of officers was a great success! There was over 40 guests who came out to see this outstanding line of officers be installed.

The evening started with a classic Masonic meal of steak and potatoes presented nicely by our Valley's own Hector Minon 32°. We then moved into the lodge room for our main event. Most Worshipful & Illustrious David C. Decker, 33° as Installing Officer, Illustrious Mark Gibson, 33° as Master of Ceremonies and Illustrious Charlie Ash, 33° as Installing Chaplain lead us through an excellent installation.

After having the gavel presented to me I had the opportunity to briefly introduce my plans for the year. This year will be a an-other year of Progress and Revitalization. After the success we had in 2015 and the completion of VMAP we have decided to participate again in 2016. With our Valley participating in VMAP we will have every opportunity to give our existing members the experience they originally joined Scottish Rite for and to build excitement to attract new members.

The first step in this process will take place at our February meet-ing as we will present the 7th degree prior to our stated meeting. We will have a separate program in the dining room for the ladies & guests.

I would like to thank my brothers from the Valley of Palm Springs for choosing me to lead the way again this year and as Venerable Master, I pledge to perform all my official duties to the best of my abilities and strive in knowledge, truth, charity, and brotherly love insuring that our Valley will always have honor and respect among the Craft that will last an eternity.

Thank you,
Shane DaCosta, 32°
Venerable Master